WTI course just around the corner

30 Jul 2015 | Lance Cpl. Jonah Lovy Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort

Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 115 and Marine All-Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 533 began preparing for the Weapons and Tactics
Instructor course aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort. Thecourse begins Sept. 15 and goesthrough Oct. 27.
    The WTI course is held twice a year aboard Marine Corps Air Station Yuma and gives combat familiarityand proficiency to pilots, weapon
system officers, ground combat and combat support service personnel.
    The VMFA-115 “Silver Eagles” and the VMFA(AW)-533 “Hawks” are each slated to deploy approximately 10 of the 20 F/A-18 Hornets in the
course and 125 maintenance Marines to ensure the aircraft are ready to fly every day.
    The course is intended to trainfixed wing and rotary wing pilots with classroom instruction and flight hours. The ground combat
and combat support service troops provide realism, but also use the opportunity for realistic training.
    “For our Marines, it’s a chance to go out to the field and practice us-ing the equipment we use when deployed,” said Capt. Nathaniel Griggs,
a pilot with Marine Aviation training Support Squadron. “Everyone will get an ample opportunity to build proficiency.”
    The course is six weeks long, with about three weeks of live fire training focusing on integrating aviation and a mobile ground force.
In addition to the proficiency and tactics training, participating in WTI will help the Marines work together more efficiently.
    “Marines are very proficient here, but training in the field together will help build that camaraderie,” said Griggs.