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Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort Environmental Page on Water

Mission Statement:

From MCO 5090 V 20: Marine Corps installations in the United States will comply with all substantive and procedural wastewater and stormwater regulations established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or those states that have been granted primary enforcement responsibility. These requirements include federal, state, interstate, and local laws, E.O.s, and regulations respecting the control and abatement of water pollution such as load reduction requirements resulting from the development of total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) for impaired water bodies.

Beaufort-Jasper Water and Sewer Authority owns and operates the drinking water and wastewater systems at MCAS Beaufort.


Industrial and construction activities at MCAS Beaufort are subject to the Clean Water Act and SCDHEC Pollution Control Act. Stormwater at MCAS Beaufort is managed by a system of best management practices, which convey stormwater to various ponds and other structures that remove sediment and other pollutants, before discharging to receiving waters off-site. This includes structures designed to prevent erosion of soil from stormwater. Construction projects are reviewed and designed to limit erosion and sedimentation throughout the design and contruction process.

MCAS Beaufort operates under the Industrial and Construction General Permits for South Carolina:

MCAS Beaufort Industrial Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP Industrial)

SC Industrial General Permit:

SC Construction General Permit:

Other SCDHEC Forms and information can be found at the following site:

Drinking Water:

Drinking water at MCAS Beaufort is supplied by Beaufort Jasper Water Sewer Authority (BJWSA).  For more information on water quality and regulatory requirements, please see the links below:

BJWSA Consumer Confidence report

3T Sampling (Lead in Priority Areas):

Per MCO 5090.2, Vol 16, Paragraph 0317, Marine Corps installations are required to follow EPA guidleins when sampling and testing water for lead from water fountains, faucets, and other outlets used primarily by children. These “priority areas” are defined as outlets in primary and secondary schools, Child Development Centers (CDCs), School Age Centers, and Youth and Teen Center. Priority areas do not include on-base or off-base residences (e.g., Family Child Care Homes) used for child care purposes, out-patient medical centers, or schools that are not owned or managed by the Department of Defense.

MCI East initially sampled for lead in priority areas at MCAS Beaufort and Laurel Bay in 2014.  The latest round of testing by MCIEast took place in March of 2021. Results and information for the latest round of sampling are available below, as well as information on USMC and EPA policy for lead in priority areas.

It is important to note that this is a voluntary program for the USMC, which goes beyond EPA regulations for lead in drinking water.


Marine Corps Policy Letter

MCAS Beaufort CDC and Laurel Bay Schools Results from 2021

MCAS Beaufort CDC and Laurel Bay Schools Notification of Results

Laurel Bay Family Services Center (Temporary CDC) and Bolden Annex (Temporary Youth Center) Results 2021

Laurel Bay Family Services Center (Temporary CDC) and Bolden Annex (Temporary Youth Center) Notification of Results 2021

Drinking Water Assessment


For more information on MCAS Beaufort’s PFAS efforts please see the link below:




The service for collection and treatment of domestic sewage and wastewater at MCAS Beaufort is provided by BJWSA. For more information on wastewater collection, treatment, and regulatory requirements, please see the links below: