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Upon request, SC DHEC provided MCAS Beaufort with a community cancer assessment report of cancer cases and deaths that occurred in zip code 29906 for the time-period, 2009-2013, the most recent years of cancer data available at DHEC. SC DHEC routinely provides similar reports to anyone who requests them, including researchers, individual citizens with cancer concerns, and entities such as the Marine Corps, upon request. These reports are not conclusive, nor can they evaluate causation. They are designed to provide a description of the types of cancers occurring in a specific area for a defined population (all those living in a zip code) for a specific period of time, and to provide a comparison of these cases and fatalities to what is expected to occur by chance.

If unusual patterns are detected at the zip code level, the reports are used as guidance to look further into those patterns of occurrence or fatalities. In this way, they can help researchers conduct more comprehensive analysis. The report provided to MCAS Beaufort indicated that the occurrence of cancer cases and fatalities were not higher than expected among people who resided in the ZIP Code around Laurel Bay for the specific time period of the report. While this descriptive report provides additional perspective, more specific military family information, including permanent change of station considerations, is being included in the NMCPHC study that is underway.

If you would like to look at SC DHEC's Cancer Data, see:  

I will continue supporting the families involved, Laurel Bay Housing residents, and working with agencies such as SC DHEC to assist NMCPHC to complete their study.