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1. Pre-enroll in DBIDS at the following link: ​DBIDS Pre-Enrollment (

2. Print off the DBIDS registration confirmation​

3. Complete and print out SECNAV 5512 form

4. Go to the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort Visitor Control Center with the DBIDS registration confirmation, completed SECNAV 5512 Form, and your Veteran’s Health ID Card. Your purpose for access will be verified at the Visitor Control Center. Your Veteran’s Health ID card may be assimilated, and base access privileges may be loaded onto your card upon completion of a favorable background check.

May be used for instillation access after the following steps.

1. Card must say "service connected" (Purple Heart Recipient, Medal of Honor Recipient, Former POW)

2. VHIC card holders are not authorized to sponsor anyone aboard the instillation. 

3. VHIC card holders may bring their caregiver. However, the caregiver must show up to date proof from the VA that they are the individual's caregiver. The caregiver will need to come into the VCC to obtain a Dbids card which will expire on the day their current caregiver letter does.  

4. VHIC card holders are not authorized for work purposes. 

5. VETID.CARDS or VET.DESIGNATIONS on DLS are NOT accepted for entry.