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Due to website issues, access to the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) website is intermittent at best.  In response to the busy moving season ahead, DPS has provided the following MarAdmin and 3 tips for the moving season to help personnel work toward a successful move:

1.  2017 Peak Moving Season Preparations - MARADMIN 156/17

2. Don't Wait to Start: Claims come in first come first serve. Get your move started as soon as you can. Access the DPS Home Page at (ensure Pop-Up Blockers are turned off).

3.  Use DPS after normal work hours: The Defense Personal Property System (DPS) is currently experiencing intermittent connectivity issues and may not function properly during core operating hours from 0900-1800 Eastern Standard Time. Marines trying to use DPS to self-counsel, file their claim or conduct communications with their moving company are advised to use DPS after 1800. If you continue to experience intermittent connectivity issues, report the issue to the System Response Center at (800) 462-2176 and keep trying to complete your task. If you cannot successfully complete your task in DPS, contact your Personal Property Office for additional support.

4.  Fill out Your Surveys: Your feedback matters. The customer satisfaction survey helps the DOD determine if the company that supplied your movers should be issued more contracts. So, fill out the DOD Survey honestly and thoroughly.

A successful move is not a matter of chance. It is the result of planning and hard work. At the center of these efforts is you, the customer. If you expect a good move, you should play an active role and be aware of your rights and responsibilities. Your responsibilities are visible in the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) Self Counseling module and in the "It's Your Move" pamphlets at