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Personal Property Shipping Office Inbound

It is very important that members check in with DMO upon arrival to Beaufort. In many cases, personnel arrive before their shipments. Checking in with DMO speeds up the communication process between you and your shipment.

Once you have found a residence and ready to recieve your property, come to DMO and fill out a delivery confirmation feel. DMO will make every effort to work with your requested time and date.

Member's Responsibility

Contact the destination's DMO as soon as possible to exchange contact information.

Notify the inbound section of DMO as soon as you confirm you new address for delivery purposes.

You or your designated representative must be home the day of delivery between the hours of 8 a.m and 3 p.m. failure to do so will result in an attempted to deliver fee.

Upon delivery, inspect all of the inventory. Ensure the condition of your property is as it was when it was picked up, and all property is accounted for. List any missing or damaged property on the Joint Statement of Loss or Damage at Deliver form (DD Form 1840/1840R).

If you waive unpacking, the carrier is not required to unpack or remove debris, cartons, boxes, etc. from premises.

Complete the customer service survey.

Carrier's Responsibilities

Unpack and unwrap all cartons, boxes and crates.

Place each item or carton in the room you indicate. This one-time placement includes, placing unpacked articles in cabinets, cupboards or on kitchen shelves when convenient, safe and your desired location. Movers are required to place each item only once.

Assemble all furniture and equipment disassembled by the movers at origin.

Remove all packing materials.

Assist you with making a written record of any loss or damage on the DD Form 1840/1840R, sign the document and obtain your signature. The carrier's representative must leave three copies of the form with you.

Movers are not required to go into an attic, crawl space or similar storage area for delivery and placing purposes.