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Personal Property Shipping Office Outbound

Weight Entitlement

All members are entitled to ship their personal property via the TMO however the amount of weight they are allowed to ship may vary based on the rank or pay grade of the member. Below is a table of weight allowed to be moved by the member based on his or her rank/pay grade.

Click here to see the chart

Processing Your Outbound Shipment

It is the responsibilities of the member to register for access to DPS at www.move.mil

Make sure you use your personal email so you can receive you rpassword for your DPS.

Take a copy of your orders and your password to bldg. 612 aboard the Air Station to set up your Household Goods move.

If you designate any other person beside yourself to set up your HHG, make sure they bring a General/Special Power of Attorney to be able to sign for the shipment.

Three things you need to set up a move with DMO


     2.DPS Password

     3.Estimated weight of Household Goods