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Radon Assessment

Mission Statement

It is the mission of MCAS Beaufort, in unification with the Navy, Marine Corps, and the Commanding Officer to prioritize the health of its military personnel, civilians, and their families.  Navy Radon Policy instructs all Navy installations to implement Navy Radon Assessment and Mitigation Program (NAVRAMP) worldwide.  US Marine Corps Radon Policy states that all Marine Corps installations must implement all phases of the NAVRAMP.  Under this program MCAS Beaufort will ensure the proper implementation and measures are taken to protect our health to the fullest.


Radon Assessment at MCAS Beaufort

The NAVRAMP overall objective is to test all Navy & Marine Corps Installations worldwide using a sampling protocol that would ensure an overall 95% statistical confidence that no single building would have elevated radon potential.  Under this program, the Air Station will be conducting a radon assessment with the purpose to test all ground contact, occupied (>4 hours/day) or easily occupiable rooms (vacant room or office space that can be easily converted into occupiable or living space).

Radon detectors are planned to be placed in testable buildings in April 2021.  They will be kept in place for 1 year and will be retrieved approximately one year after they are placed in the buildings.

If you have questions about the details of the assessment, please see the following resources:
-Radon PowerPoint Presentation
-Navy Radon Policy (established in Chapter 25, Section 3.2 of OPNAV M-5090.1 (US Navy 2014))
-US Marine Corps Radon Policy (established in Volume 6, Chapter 3, Paragraph 0307 of MCO 5090.2 (11 June 2018)


Radon Assessment Timeline

  • April – May 2021

    • Radon Detector Placement (Approximately 4 weeks in length)

  • October – November 2021

    • Radon Detector Attrition Check (Approximately 4 weeks in length)

  • April – May 2022

    • Radon Detector Collection (Approximately 4 weeks in length)

  • July 2022

    • Radon Detector Analysis

  • October – November 2022

    • Final Radon Test Report


Radon Assessment Results

Radon Assessment PDF